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With over 23 years experience you can be sure your home or office is in great hands!


(Yes I’ve been doing it that long non stop!)


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I pride myself on top quality work and leaving your home beautiful!





My daughter walked into her room and just went quite, I said “whats wrong?” she just smiled and said “Mum I’m mesmerised by it!” She loves her new bedroom so much! Thank you! thank you! thank you! xxxx




The professional decorator based in Bracknell, If you are looking for a professional, friendly and tidy decorator who knows his way around a paint brush then seriously give me a call for a quote for your decorating. You will find me approachable and my work ethic awesome! I can help guide you through the process of how to achieve the high standards you expect with the minimal mess and upheaval to turn your dreams to reality.


Needing a few bits and bobs done around the house that just seem to live on a never ending ‘to do’ list? That list getting bigger and NOT smaller?! Then let me come and get em done! Everything from sticking up pictures and curtains to building that Ikea unit, just give me a call to discuss your needs and see what we can clear off that list of yours.


I believe in supplying only the best materials to get the very best results! So for example my paint for my jobs is Dulux all the way! I’ve been doing this long enough to know that Dulux leads the way and if you use my services then you can expect me to supply Dulux as my primary paint supplier. I even invest in Festool sanders that connect to a purpose built extractor to remove up to 95% of the created dust! Now that’s clean.


With over 23 years experience and being the third generation decorator in my family you can be confident of a professional finish to the highest of standards. And lets start at the beginning and with preparation because preparation is KEY!.

If the prep work is no good then your finish is gonna be lousy and ain’t nobody wants to be paying good money for a lousy finish. So if its a simple room redecorate then everything gets a good rub down and prep ready to be decorated. I carry the very best equipment to do my prep work so things like a dust extracting sander that once turned on activates a special hoover that catches up to 95% of all dust generated (perfect for those rougher walls) can come in very handy.

The painting part is something that everyone seems to think is a piece of cake but the reality is that all the best preparation in the world won’t cover a bad paint job!. So how do you know a good job? simples, the cutting in should be crisp and neat and the roller finish on the wall should not be in 3D but rather smooth and subtle. The amount of times I have seen people just load up a roller and leave a mass of paint on the wall and let it dry leaving a horrid finish is nuts. Any roller finish should be flush and neat.

My daughter walked into her room and just went quiet, I said “what’s wrong?” she just smiled and said “Mum I’m mesmerised by it!” She loves her new bedroom so much! Thank you! thank you! thank you! xxxx



Very good job. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. Very quick, polite & hard working


I have known Steve for ten years, and he has always been delightful, speedy and efficient. Reliable, courteous and completely trustworthy. He always finishes the job on time and never moans about anything. The guy is trying incredibly hard to do everything the right way, and one can only give praise where it is due. recently had a bedroom redecorated by Steve, and as ever I have been absolutely delighted with the outcome. Well played sir.

The Decorator is a very professional company from the quote to the finishing touches. Very good customer contact, thorough & very neat & tidy in his work. I would recommend without hesitation.


Removed woodchip paper from walls of sitting room, hall, stairs and landing plus plastering of several ceilings and walls, done to a very good standard. Good advice on paints and the newly painted walls, ceiling and woodwork also completed to a very good standard, punctual, good humoured and polite. Not the cheapest but must rank as one of the best.

The Decorator came in to decorate my hall, stairs & landing. He was incredibly professional, neat & tidy, excellent in terms of time keeping, approach to the work needed & above all , the quality of the finished job. I would heartedly recommend him.

Steve arrived promptly on day 1 and we discussed his plans for the job, which was decorating halls, stairs & landing (including woodwork). Each day I returned to a clean and tidy house. The finished product is amazing. So pleased with the work.










I am ‘The Decorator’ but you can call me Steve. As I may have mentioned once or twice (well its quite impressive) I’ve been at this for 23 years now and I first started getting trained by my old man at 16 straight out of school.

It was kind of a no brainer as my grandad trained my dad so I’m now the third generation of painter in my family! I’m married to my gorgeous wife Steph who is the owner of ‘Summers Photography’ and we have a cocker spaniel called Thor (yes I named him). And when I’m not painting or shooting weddings with my wife I enjoy a good Marvel film and a few cold beers!